To embed your PDF, use Google Slide Presentation:

  1. Create your Google Slide presentation and download it as a PDF:
    Click File > Download > PDF Document.

   2. Upload your Google Slide PDF to your Google Drive:
       Click New > File Upload and your PDF will be uploaded to your Drive dashboard

3. Open your PDF file :

  • Click the 3 dots for more options and select Share

  • On the pop-up, select Advanced 

  • Choose Private under the "Who has access" section > Select "Disable option to download" > Save

4. Select the 3 dots again for more options > Embed item and copy the embed code that follows

     5. Upload your embed code from your HowNow school: 

  • From your HowNow admin dashboard, go to your Lesson edit page

  • Select the Embed Code content type > paste the code and Save

  • Publish your lesson > Select Preview to view the Slide

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