We love to make the learning experience easy peasy for your customers, but we also love to make your experience just as smooth. By following these steps you’ll be on your way to creating the ultimate school for your users…

As your sign-up is 7 days, we thought to give you a task every day. You can of course complete all of these tasks at once if you wish! And remember, this program is just to help you to make the most of your trial and to make your experience the key features of HowNow! 



A visually exciting school is not only enticing, helping you to attract and keep customers, but a beautiful homepage and landing pages, make your school that much more credible!

Focus on designing an amazing homepage by choosing a Theme that truly fits your brand. The logo, text and colour schemes should match those of your company, so that your prospective learners can distinguish that your school is an official product created and managed by your company.

 Add a video trailer if you have one, as it shows your school as modern, and dynamic (not just text everywhere).

Think of your school as a spin-off of your official website. You may want to link your school, from your official company website.

Make your homepage description detailed; let your learners know the benefits/ values of enrolling on your courses. Adding testimonials will also add credibility to your school’s content (positive words from previous students always works a treat!)  

Be as creative as you can and experiment with things. What happens here, determines how your prospective learners will interact with your school, going forward. 



Nothing is more welcoming than “freeness”, especially when it comes to learning! That’s today (Day 2) focuses on creating your first course

This introductory course should include 4 simple lessons that give a clear example of what your full version course (and school in general) will have to offer. Think about what type of content would draw your learners into your school, and include one type of content in each lesson:

  1. Add an article to describe the course content, and set reading material for your learners (to test them on later).

  2. Include a Video that will compliment the content

  3. Now add a Quiz to test your learners’ on the previous lesson materials.

  4. Upload an Audio file. This could be to give commentary to your learners.

Once you’ve finished setting up your course, select Save, to keep your changes! You’ll need to do a few more exciting things before you launch!


Hooray! You’ve had your first taste of creating a course! Now it’s time to make use of some more great features. Do this by adding a plan: Essentials or Growth will give you more freedom to use fun features such as Webinars, Certification and multiple instructors, all things that can make the process easier. 

DAY 3 


Now that you’ve got your intro course going, keep that momentum by adding your first full-length course. This takes the load off when you officially launch and decide to sell to learners, as you’ll already have a course to work with! 

Make this Day 3 challenge test your skill-level, by attempting one (or all) of these different levels:

  • Easy Peasy (Level 1): Add 5 Lessons of content to your new course > design the Landing Page > add pricing

  • Medium Opossum (Level 2): Do Level 1 + add 4 Assessments.

  • Daredevil (Level 3 - For the ones who like a good challenge!): Do Levels 1 + 2 + Another course of 3 lessons, but this time, include a Quiz.)



Now it’s time to connect your payments to be able to get paid. This is straight-forward and will enable you to manage all the transactions, without having to leave your school...simple!

 In School > Payments you can select to connect your Stripe account or your PayPal.

With your Stripe, your learners will be able to subscribe monthly or weekly to your courses, while PayPal provides a reliable alternative to one-time-only card payments. 

You’ll be able to start receiving payment from learners, once you’ve launched and published your very first course. 


LAUNCH 🎉🎈🥂🎈🎉

The time has come! You are now finally all set, and ready to make your school and courses ready for the world!

Click through to your Dashboard, scroll down the page and select “Launch School”...voila! Launch all courses.

Your schools will now be visible to anyone who has the link, but always takes time for you to appear in the highest section of search engine rankings. You can still share your school name with the general public, whom will be able to see all the hard work you put in on that homepage.



One feature that you’ve yet to try, is the Live Class. This is what makes things very interesting!

One feature that you’ve yet to try, is the Live Class. This is what makes things very interesting!

Set up a live class and invite your HowNow Customer Success (CS) team member to join your school and book in a time slot, to have a one-to-one chat with you, about your school plans. 

You’ll be able to witness the great features of the Virtual Classroom, and get great feedback about the progress you’ve made, in such a short time span...Winning much?

You’ll also receive some stellar advice about what next steps you could take to start drawing learners to your school and increasing sales.  



You may or may not have an idea of how you’d like to market your school and courses, but now is the perfect time to take the first step in looking at how to market your brand, to new and existing learners.

Start to think about outlets such as social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) to attract traffic. 

Ask yourself:

  • Who are you trying to reach?

  • How many learners would you like to have on your school?

  • Do you have a deadline for this project?

Happy creating!

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