Prior to hosting (as an instructor) or joining (as a learner) a live class or webinar, it's recommended to always test your connection

1. When you click through to your live class or webinar, select the Connection Testbutton: 

2. This will take you to the Tokbox test page, where you can do a full run of your internet's connectivity levels. All ticks should appear green, signalling a good connection:

3. Scroll down the Tokbox page, to view your Video Bitrate. This should be minimum 300 kpbs for a good connection. Anything below is a poor connection:

4. If you or your learners are having trouble with a weak connection, try using an ethernet cable to plug your desktop device into your modem.

Remember that only those with a poor connection will experience difficulties, and this won't affect the other attendees. A way to work around this, is by utilising Replays.

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