To test your learners' knowledge of the lesson material, it's useful to use a quiz or one of the three forms of assessments. Setting a Passing Grade can be very useful for your learners, as it demonstrates how much of the material they know to put into practice.

Inside the Lesson Edit page of your Course Content, select either a Quiz or Assessment, and proceed to create your questions and answers/task requirements. From here, you can choose to set a passing grade, which will be a percentage figure:

Your learner will be notified if they have achieved the passing grade or not, with the Quiz giving an instant result. If you select the option for learners to Retake Quiz, then they will be able to try again, if they wish  to do so at a later time in the course. 

Selecting Compulsory Quiz means that the learner won't be able to access the next lesson until they achieve at least the passing grade set.

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