To find your Reports, first select the Courses tab in your admin toolbar, choose your desired course, then select Reports within the secondary toolbar.

The overview of data can be found at the very top of the Reports page. Here you'll see how many learners are on the course, how many times it's been sold, the average completion time, and how much time is spent in hours on the course.

You'll also see the Course Engagement graph, giving you a break-down of which lessons hold the majority of the hours spent on the course. This info is great for helping you to identify what types of courses are either the most engaging, or could be setting the most challenge for your learners.


There exist three different Leaderboards:
1.General Leaderboard - this shows the progress of your learners throughout the course.

2. Assessment Leaderboard - this shows the highest achieving assessment takers.

3. Quiz Leaderboard - this shows the highest achieving quiz takers.

These are great for encouraging your learners further through the course or to prompt them to complete all necessary tests set throughout the modules. It can also help you identify any struggling student who may need support.

In additional to the above, Reports will also provide you with a Course Sales graph and a Total Learners graph, both of which are useful to know which months have been the strongest or weakest for the course in particular.

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