Intercom is a software designed to help businesses to respond to their users in real-time. This is a useful feature for any school on HowNow, therefore we've provided steps for you to integrate Intercom on to your school.

On your Admin dashboard, click on the School tab. From here, you will see an option to select Integrate Intercom Chat -- click this and two options will appear underneath:

Go to your Intercom account in a new tab, and copy the workspace ID found in the page's URL link. The workspace ID will be the code found just after the "/apps/" section of the URL: 

Paste the workspace ID (also known as your App ID) into the box on your admin, called Intercom App ID:

To then verify your Intercom details on the admin-end, you must follow the given steps on the following Intercom page:

Although not compulsory, including this identity verification will give that extra peace-of-mind that your learner's data and conversations are protected, alongside the regulations that the HowNow software already has in place to protect users.

Once you have completed the necessary details, hit Save, and you'll be good to go!

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