In order to setup the Theme of your School, click on Site

You will then be able to customise: 

Your Logo and Favicon:

> Logo (Color): PNG format recommended (Make sure there are no empty spaces, minimum resolution 300x300 recommended)

> Logo (White): JPEG format recommend (300x300 recommend) 

> Header: JPEG format recommend (1440x600 recommend)

> Favicon: A favicon appears on the browser tab next to the title (PNG 64x64 format recommend)

Header Image: You can choose directly fro your computer, or use the integrted Unsplash function to search for free images to use.

Header Brightness: Click and hold the toggle and move it to the left for more brightness and to the right for less brightness. 

The Font: Click on the font of your choice to select them. 

The Colours: Select the colour palette that fits best with your school from our predefined palettes.

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