You can control the level of access that each tier person has on your online school.

If you select Instructors. Then click on Add Instructor. You can add the details and they will receive an email to notify them. (Report to How to add an instructor) 

You can then choose the level of access you want to give them. 

Admin: they have access to all areas add edit speak in teach.

Instructor: they can only teach their students they've been assigned to or the course they've been assigned to they can't login and change any banking information the billing information or anything like that.

Community manager: they can login and create course content that they can teach and they can't edit any of the billing information.

View only:  is typically someone who can go in, look at the data, review and export the data but they can't teach, they can't add anything they can't edit anything.

Basically, you could build a scalable online school by controlling the level of access that different users have on the back-end of your platform.  

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