Schedule when you would like to release content throughout your course, with the following easy steps:

 On your Admin dashboard, select the Courses tab and choose your desired course. From here, click Drip. You will see the Settings section for Drip.

To release a specific quantity of lessons, click the first drop-down box and select the amount. 

Below in the second drop-down box, you can click to choose either a Section(s) or Lesson(s) that get released.

The third step will see you choose the frequency of when the content is released (daily, weekly, monthly, etc), by selecting your choice in the drop-down box next to the word "Every".

Customised release schedule

Selecting the "custom date" option (shown at the end of the drop-down menu) enables you to choose a desired release date for each individual lesson). 

Once you have made all necessary selections, press Save and you're content will be ready to go.

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