You can get around the Admin Area through the Sidebar. Through this, you'll be able to access everything to run your school.

This will show off the latest information and bookings from your school.

You can adjust the school information and settings through here. Learn more about including Custom Fields from the School tab, here.

Add, remove and edit your instructors from here. You can assign roles and their information through here.

Keep track of your learners from this page. You'll be able to see their last login, latest progress and what courses they're on.

Control the look and feel of your School through the Site menu. You can change the theme, font, colours, logos and domain from here.

Keep track of all the transactions happening at your school from here. This will show all your sales and subscriptions as well as any cancellations and refunds.

Keep in touch with your learners directly by messaging them and discussing any queries or comments they may have about their course.

Offer coupons and bundles for your courses through here. You'll be able to provide discounts for one or all your courses. You can also package your courses as bundles.

Create your courses with our easy-to-use Course Creation tool.

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