Attract learners to your course's Landing Page, by making it as informative and visually engaging as possible. It's all about increasing the chance of conversion. You can make these changes by doing the following :

Click the Courses tab on your admin dashboard, then select the course you want to edit. From here, select the Landing Page tab:

On the Landing Page you can upload thumbnail and header images, directly from your computer, or using our free Unsplash integration:

Include a video trailer by copy-n-pasting your YouTube or Vimeo links into the provided space. This will act as a promo video for the course:

Testimonials will help you to up-sell your course, by providing great commentary from your previous learners (these can be from online or offline classes):

Displaying FAQs will reduce any confusion based around what's included, extra materials that may be required to participate, pricing queries, etc. 

Finally, Benefits are a great way to remind learners of what they will gain from the course...something that they can't get anywhere else, or perhaps they didn't have before. We recommend 3 or 4 Benefits on your Landing Page -- remember, these are your unique selling points!

Once you're Landing Page is complete, you will be able to  publish your course. This is your chance to be creative! Take a look at the following example below:

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