Your Homepage is the first thing that your Learners will see when they come to your School's website.

To customise your Homepage, navigate to the Site page from the sidebar and then select Homepage.

Complete the Content information writing a punchy heading and a short description of your school.

Adding a Trailer for your school is a great of giving an idea of what your school is about. Putting together a short trailer, less than 60 seconds can increase your sales by 10x.

To add a trailer to your School, upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link in the box.

When complete, click Save.

You can choose up to three courses to be featured at the top of the page. Click on the drop down and select which courses you'd like to feature.

When complete, click Save.

You can add up to four benefits on your homepage to inform your Learners why your school is the best for them. Enter a Title, Description and an icon/image to match.

To add another click the Add Benefit button.

When complete, click Save.

Your CTA or Call to Action is how you instruct your Learners to do something. This will appear at the bottom of your homepage. Add a title, short second line and a link to where you'd like to take them to.

When complete, click Save.

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